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“Successful people have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it.”

More than just a business that wants to profit and make money, Green Cartridge Pte Ltd takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. We choose to actively take part in fostering environmental awareness by making printer owners realise the need to reuse and recycle toner cartridges to minimize waste pollution. We are a printer cartridge remanufacturer that values three important aspects of the business:

Green Printing
Environmental awareness is the foremost concept behind Green Cartridge Pte Ltd. Since 2008, we have taken part in the conservation and preservation of the environment through waste reduction and recycling of waste materials particularly printer toner cartridges.

In 2012, half a billion printer cartridges were disposed of in various landfills worldwide. In fact, one toner cartridge makes up 1.6KG of solid waste that takes over 1,000 years to completely decompose. Green Cartridge is taking an active part in raising public environmental awareness through a series of campaigns in partnership with other environmentally-conscious companies and organisations.

Recycled toner cartridges are as good as their OEM (original equipment manufacturer) counterparts. Green Cartridge products are of high quality. We take pride in our meticulous process from the collection of used toner cartridges to the cleaning of the used components, replacement of broken components, packaging and delivery.

Remanufactured are as reliable as an OEM cartridge. In fact, sales of recycled toner cartridges are increasing so as the number of remanufacturers worldwide. Consumers are now smarter and more informed that remanufactured cartridges are as good as OEM but just not as costly as the original products.

Remanufactured toner cartridges are cost-effective for your business. Quality-wise, remanufactured cartridges are as good as the OEM ones. However, if you talk about savings, you know recycled cartridges are better. Green Cartridge allows you to save as much as 60% of your printing cost compared to using an OEM cartridge.

One Cartridge At A Time

Save the world
Making the world more green, one cartridge at a time. Everytime you purchase a recycled cartridge from Green Cartridge Pte Ltd, you are doing your share in the preservation and protection of the environment. How? One toner cartridge saves energy and reduces the number of waste thrown in landfills worldwide.
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Our Story. Our Team.

Our Team

Our company is strong because we have a strong group of professionals dedicated to providing our customers the best quality of products and services at a budget-friendly price. Bind together as eco-warriors, the people behind Green Cartridge continuously strive to improve our products and services.

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